• 2023/05/04
    Added "World Clock" to "Tool".
    Displays the current local time in major cities around the world.
    Daylight saving time display is also supported.
  • 2023/04/20
    Added "Click Counter" to "Tool".
    A simple click counter that you can use when you want to count numbers quickly.
    It can count negative numbers and create multiple counters.
  • 2023/04/06
    Added "Lights Out" to "Game".
    A puzzle that aims to turn off all the lights (lights out).
    You can play 3x3 and 4x4 where the stage is random each time, and the challenge mode where the stage is fixed.
  • 2023/03/30
    Added game "15 Puzzle".
    15 puzzle, one of the famous sliding block puzzles.
    You can play 8 puzzles and 15 puzzles where the stage is random each time, and the challenge mode where the stage is fixed.
  • 2023/03/08
    Added "Pencil" and "Colored pencil" to the background filter of the tool "Dummy Image Generator".
    You can apply a filter that makes an image look like a pencil sketch.
  • 2023/02/09
    Added "Randomize" to the background pattern of the tool "Dummy Image Generator".
    If you check the "Randomize" checkbox, a different pattern will be displayed each time you run it, so please try several times until you get the pattern you like.
  • 2022/12/13
    Added "Special Character Converter" to "Tool".
    Convert between normal and special characters. Only alphabet and digit characters are supported.
    Please note that using special characters may make it difficult to search with search engines.
  • 2022/12/11
    Added "Clock Generator" to "Tool".
    Generate a digital clock that displays the time on your device (not the server time).
    You can generate a clock with a background image of your choice or display it in full screen mode.
  • 2022/11/24
    Added "QR Code Generator" to "Tool".
    Generate a QR code from any text. You can also use emojis etc.
    Use it when you have trouble entering long URLs or large amounts of text.
  • 2022/11/23
    Added "Random Picker" to "Tool".
    Draw lots from any list.
    You can also decide the order and group (team).