Exif Info Check & Delete Tool

You can check the Exif info (thumbnail, shooting date, shooting location, camera, software, etc.) embedded in the JPEG image.
You can also delete the Exif info.



  • Basic info
  • Detail info


Image size : 1920 x 1080
File size : 505 KB (517,644 bytes)


Image size : 256 x 144
File size : 8.13 KB (8,333 bytes)

Shooting date

2017-12-15 17:26:05

Shooting location (GPS)

Latitude : 35°39'29.157"N
Longitude : 139°44'28.886"E
Map : https://www.google.co.jp/maps/place/35°39'29.157"N+139°44'28.886"E/


Maker : Sony
Model : SO-04G
ISO speed ratings : 640
Exposure time : 1/50 sec.
Exposure bias value : 0
F number : 2.0
Focal length : 4.6 mm
White balance : Auto


GIMP 2.10.28



The maximum file size is 5M bytes. The supported format is JPEG only.

Remove Exif info

If "Remove Exif info" is checked and there is Exif info, the file with the Exif info removed will be downloaded.
If there is no Exif info (that is, if there is no need to remove Exif info), it will not be downloaded.

When removing the Exif info, it is not only removing the Exif info, it is recreated as a new JPEG file.
Therefore, the size of the file may increase even though the Exif info have been removed.

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