Hepburn Romanization Tool

Convert Japanese hiragana and katakana to Hepburn romanization.
You can also reverse conversion from Hepburn romanization to Japanese hiragana.

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Conversion table

Gojūon a i u e o
ka ki ku ke ko きゃkya きゅkyu きょkyo
sa shi su se so しゃsha しゅshu しょsho
ta chi tsu te to ちゃcha ちゅchu ちょcho
na ni nu ne no にゃnya にゅnyu にょnyo
ha hi fu he ho ひゃhya ひゅhyu ひょhyo
ma mi mu me mo みゃmya みゅmyu みょmyo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro りゃrya りゅryu りょryo
wa i e o
ga gi gu ge go ぎゃgya ぎゅgyu ぎょgyo
za ji zu ze zo じゃja じゅju じょjo
da ji zu de do ぢゃja ぢゅju ぢょjo
ba bi bu be bo びゃbya びゅbyu びょbyo
pa pi pu pe po ぴゃpya ぴゅpyu ぴょpyo
Other a i u e o ya yu yo


As a rule, Sokuon are repeated with the immediately following consonant letter.
As an exception, use "tch" when the immediately following is "ch".


  • きっと → kitto
  • こっち → kocchi → kotchi


As a rule, use "n" for Hatsuon "ん".
As an exception, use "m" when the immediately following is "b, p, m".


  • はんこ → hanko
  • さんばし → sanbashi → sambashi
  • あんぱん → anpan → ampan
  • あんまん → anman → amman


Convert "uu" to "u".
Convert "oo" and "ou" to "o".


  • くうき → kuuki → kuki
  • おおきい → ookii → okii
  • ほうき → houki → hoki


There are various types (variants) in the Hepburn romanization. Also, depending on whether the word to be converted is "name" or not, the conversion rules may differ. However, since it is difficult to support all types systematically, the conversion rule 'Convert "oo" and "ou" to "o".' is applied to Chōon. Therefore, it is a specification that "いのうえ" is converted to "inoe".


  • いのうえ → inoue → inoe
  • おうえん → ouen → oen
  • かのう → kanou → kano
  • のうか → nouka → noka

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  • 2023/03/08
    Added "Pencil" and "Colored pencil" to the background filter of the tool "Dummy Image Generator".
    You can apply a filter that makes an image look like a pencil sketch.
  • 2023/02/09
    Added "Randomize" to the background pattern of the tool "Dummy Image Generator".
    If you check the "Randomize" checkbox, a different pattern will be displayed each time you run it, so please try several times until you get the pattern you like.
  • 2022/12/13
    Added "Special Character Converter" to "Tool".
    Convert between normal and special characters. Only alphabet and digit characters are supported.
    Please note that using special characters may make it difficult to search with search engines.
  • 2022/12/11
    Added "Clock Generator" to "Tool".
    Generate a digital clock that displays the time on your device (not the server time).
    You can generate a clock with a background image of your choice or display it in full screen mode.
  • 2022/11/24
    Added "QR Code Generator" to "Tool".
    Generate a QR code from any text. You can also use emojis etc.
    Use it when you have trouble entering long URLs or large amounts of text.