Kunrei-shiki Romanization Tool

Convert Japanese hiragana and katakana to Kunrei-shiki romanization.
You can also reverse conversion from Kunrei-shiki romanization to Japanese hiragana.

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  • Romaji → Japanese
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Conversion table

Gojūon a i u e o
ka ki ku ke ko きゃkya きゅkyu きょkyo
sa si su se so しゃsya しゅsyu しょsyo
ta ti tu te to ちゃtya ちゅtyu ちょtyo
na ni nu ne no にゃnya にゅnyu にょnyo
ha hi hu he ho ひゃhya ひゅhyu ひょhyo
ma mi mu me mo みゃmya みゅmyu みょmyo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro りゃrya りゅryu りょryo
wa i e wo
ga gi gu ge go ぎゃgya ぎゅgyu ぎょgyo
za zi zu ze zo じゃzya じゅzyu じょzyo
da di du de do ぢゃdya ぢゅdyu ぢょdyo
ba bi bu be bo びゃbya びゅbyu びょbyo
pa pi pu pe po ぴゃpya ぴゅpyu ぴょpyo
Other a i u e o ya yu yo


Sokuon are repeated with the first consonant letter.


Hatsuon "ん" is represented by "n".
If it is necessary to separate the "n" in Hatsuon from the next vowel letter or "y", put a "'" after the "n".


Chōon is represented by adding "ˆ" (circumflex) over the vowel letters.
In the case of capital letters, vowels may be arranged.

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