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Calculate hash values (message digests) using various hash algorithms.
HMAC hash values can also be calculated.

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Algorithm Hash value Length
md2 fd7a532a863c3394b89b38d18cf12073 32 chars
md4 e1821c366558728f70e054fbf9db7b64 32 chars
md5 1a79a4d60de6718e8e5b326e338ae533 32 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
sha1 c3499c2729730a7f807efb8676a92dcb6f8a3f8f 40 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
sha224 312b3e578a63c0a34ed3f359263f01259e5cda07df73771d26928be5 56 chars
sha256 50d858e0985ecc7f60418aaf0cc5ab587f42c2570a884095a9e8ccacd0f6545c 64 chars
sha384 feeebf884f6dabe6eca8d68e373d6be488cdaa5eb764e895290336ffe9ff969686f2a9d362e9a8bbddf6e7b2e1455f2d 96 chars
sha512/224 685a239c99dddac33f00880d2824511cff3b71ff8fdc63a3d3b692fe 56 chars
sha512/256 59fc007607ccc82d96f016857aaa697c545002d18045e49324696f12b7be8f45 64 chars
sha512 3bb12eda3c298db5de25597f54d924f2e17e78a26ad8953ed8218ee682f0bbbe9021e2f3009d152c911bf1f25ec683a902714166767afbd8e5bd0fb0124ecb8a 128 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
sha3-224 68cb29c3d87d4293d40505b43bb04d0c35334e16e7dcab4883fa9f39 56 chars
sha3-256 70983d692f648185febe6d6fa607630ae68649f7e6fc45b94680096c06e4fadb 64 chars
sha3-384 9394605cc5fcf56f04a2ae525f1b8f57b8575c032c338b2aaa68135ce518f40d1a02471ee4d38d4dd83aa3deafcd1b1d 96 chars
sha3-512 e6da59e7349fb06a3de52ab3a2b383090f80d45ea8489d76b231d580ccf01fb112e509dedd5cc09bead4aa54455ca4c66cd46abe35c061325802d5df12b2a55d 128 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
ripemd128 1c26d6b8bdd8d30f4b0df47180191c36 32 chars
ripemd160 985f45734afe26233807c7643271d12303bc7df0 40 chars
ripemd256 bf00d8f7eb86039ac93d36aaff657131f00b30d0569985916e70ce0720bbade9 64 chars
ripemd320 49486e8853cda0379451ce708f8b6b239447d9dc4970c42d296114fb4ef27abb30e5b96ca1920296 80 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
whirlpool 73efafbcdc33b4ed05d233e0ebed165ceff427316211795aeb46980271fb9811408ea1a3a1d8d506e744d80bfb3a7099eaeb8c22f89191da3579a2bcbb38f5ce 128 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
tiger128,3 6f33333d1da2bbf4155cb3d0c4bbe823 32 chars
tiger160,3 6f33333d1da2bbf4155cb3d0c4bbe8238c35f064 40 chars
tiger192,3 6f33333d1da2bbf4155cb3d0c4bbe8238c35f064fda8cf9d 48 chars
tiger128,4 7cafba3356017218ecb164229c16e0ad 32 chars
tiger160,4 7cafba3356017218ecb164229c16e0ada9fa1764 40 chars
tiger192,4 7cafba3356017218ecb164229c16e0ada9fa1764eca04132 48 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
snefru cd642fbde2798bc799be78d3b21ef680567c980fcb4fc7b00097a1e3cf9a5c54 64 chars
snefru256 cd642fbde2798bc799be78d3b21ef680567c980fcb4fc7b00097a1e3cf9a5c54 64 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
gost 8ae528f1962f872f3a6360339a01f8ee9c7741c0cb9652ae5a58416277204f81 64 chars
gost-crypto b4a217e05787b77a977e03bda73472e5740254a564c69f7cf5a155b44f3ae124 64 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
adler32 0bc002ed 8 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
crc32 5cc22de8 8 chars
crc32b 6eec9b9f 8 chars
crc32c 7335673b 8 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
fnv132 981bbfdd 8 chars
fnv1a32 8bf23ea1 8 chars
fnv164 44ec942469dbbb3d 16 chars
fnv1a64 430b1483c8d66041 16 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
joaat 3106cdf2 8 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
murmur3a f01d8645 8 chars
murmur3c cb9d028158618c523cba604a3cba604a 32 chars
murmur3f 6cce528a343b2b99d4bd1bcdd648d138 32 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
xxh32 6bd15b98 8 chars
xxh64 e6eda53558c41c5e 16 chars
xxh3 fb7a03314718d98c 16 chars
xxh128 586004a50ce4a5db8b126048783b0d70 32 chars


Algorithm Hash value Length
haval128,3 b0510fefaa7e31c9aada03068720d085 32 chars
haval160,3 145f8bd4758b4e5e49b5bc91efa7d3c8a44147ac 40 chars
haval192,3 55539ce54827976d8a222d60de7c698be73f180086fade5f 48 chars
haval224,3 b3df72c2cc7c2f5edd34f75f0601efdc2dc9bcb845d2e76adb2a8edd 56 chars
haval256,3 a1df0f290a481cbf9a0c57161ae034d83e12b3749250a8377d48a9e7b53e920f 64 chars
haval128,4 d04668ab8e47a19f94b595a34bf6190b 32 chars
haval160,4 1a0f3906dcdfbb9985510c6ed36bc93dda542aef 40 chars
haval192,4 479a07956daad1f821c204ed707797a5f9fb56e832c2ba99 48 chars
haval224,4 f219700c1b0ad493fcde73944107870d4ed6702284ced841e19d5c31 56 chars
haval256,4 8209876720676ee98c0e4134ed7935aeb56b2c20af820461b7ed23720dd67a9e 64 chars
haval128,5 c990eb6e586affdf6d4c561e624d6624 32 chars
haval160,5 e07fb90e37bbdd6629c2fa1cbad6167901b54096 40 chars
haval192,5 d17e6ddd943abb415db79705c3e02ed9f4d8a6b3ee3f6e5e 48 chars
haval224,5 1ff214ed1b85874f8bf5ef66a4ab48e3b3ccc176c7f95487388e4be1 56 chars
haval256,5 b8fa01c3f876e548d1eb3832989cee5eb895d5ed985a4495543d5de668d9c34f 64 chars


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  • 2023/09/16
    Fixed conversion from "camelCase / PascalCase" to "snake_case" and "kebab-case" to be more natural
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