Name Generator

Randomly combine two words to create a new name.
Use it when you have trouble thinking of an account name or other name.

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candy hamburger
fig matsushita
student pentagon
prune almond
squirrel sage
saita manta ray
omelette rice kotono
panda boxing
gray sea otter
principal big


Text specification

Enter the list of words you want to use, separated by newlines. Each line will be used as one word.

How to specify sub text ?

Sub text is the small English or Japanese hiragana characters that appear below the name you have created.

In the case of "Text" specification, each line of the text input is used as a word, but if you include "#" in one line, the content after that is used as sub text. For example, if you enter "Sample #サンプル", the words up to "Sample" are used as the main text, and "サンプル" is used as the sub text.

If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us via Twitter or Contact.
Also, if you find a problem or bug, it would be helpful if you could contact us.


  • 2022/11/24 NEW
    Added "QR Code Generator" to "Tool".
    Generate a QR code from any text. You can also use emojis etc.
    Use it when you have trouble entering long URLs or large amounts of text.
  • 2022/11/23 NEW
    Added "Random Picker" to "Tool".
    Draw lots from any list.
    You can also decide the order and group (team).
  • 2022/11/01
    The tools "Terminal ASCII Art Generator", "Browser Console ASCII Art Generator", "IDN Conversion Tool", and "uuencode / uudecode Tool" are no longer available.
  • 2022/10/02
    Added "Text Image Generator" to "Tool".
    Convert any text to image.
    ASCII art and emojis can be converted directly into image.
  • 2022/09/30
    Added "Convert this result to an image" to the tools "Huge ASCII Art Generator" and "Braille ASCII Art Generator".
    You can convert the generated ASCII art from text to image.